Healthy oats pancakes with a little naughty topping...

I'm a big fan of these porridge oat mix pancakes, but after working so hard on our table makeover yesterday, I decided to have a bit of a naughty topping on my healthy pancakes, a sprinkling of icing sugar and golden syrup....


Dinning table make over.

Well finally after their last property let down, my daughter and her little family will be moving into a new flat in a few weeks time, so they have been on the look out for some cheap furniture, and during the week my daughter was lucky enough to get this table for free!  Over the weekend we got stuck in and I helped her give it a makeover.   The black stain was sanded back using an electric sander,  then we added an Annie Sloan wax to the top, and painted the legs in an old white. Needless to say, we think it  looks so much better than before! 


Plant of the Moment, the Sophora, and a charity shop find.

I've only ever seen these dainty little plants on the internet, that is until this week when I happened to spy one in my local Garden Centre, and seeing it up close in  its perfectly petite form did not disappoint, though I'm not sure what I loved the most, the packaging it came in or the plant its self! So I decided to keep the little brown paper bag  as well. 

I also found this lovely wicker/grass tray in a local charity shop which seems to be the perfect partner for the Sophora plant.  A quick tip for bringing a tray like this back to life is to spray liberally with some furniture polish, then use a soft bristle paint brush to get in between all the gaps getting rid of dust and debris, and it will come up as good as new. 👍 (I just discovered blogger has recently added emoji thingies too)

Styling tip, add trees to you interior.


My latest interiors obsession is large plants/trees for indoors. 

Living room updates for the change of season.

I feel a change coming on in the living room.......

Decorate for a Party

Photography Samantha Stansbridge 
Last month went by in a total blur, and I can't believe that we are already in September! We have had our own celebration here at home, we welcomed into the world a new granddaughter! It's  been very emotional, exhausting and exciting all rolled into one, nothing went to plan, as is sometimes the case with babies, but maybe I'll save that for another time.

Photography  Samantha Stansbridge

Today I'm looking at a new book, Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, and  as you would expect from the pair, it is a beautiful book, filled with stunning imagery, simple DIY, inspiration, and decorating tips for creating a lovely welcoming and relaxing backdrop to  any celebration or  gathering for friends and family.  

As the summer fades this book provides the perfect excuse for moving your gatherings and get-together's indoors or tips for creating a portable party in the great  outdoors taking shelter under the trees.
The book is very easy to follow, with simple and stylish ideas for adding a personal touch to your parties and celebrations that are totally doable, and affordable. The introductory chapter entitled First Thoughts, looks at Choosing a Theme and  Setting the Scene, then we move on to Types of Party, Location, Buffet, Small Space etc, and Creating an Atmosphere, then the book goes on to explore 10 different styles and settings, ranging from a subtle Pure and Simple theme to a Sparkle and Shine theme.

Credits Holly Marder

For a simple get together in early Autumn, this Pure, and Simple theme is perfect, taking its inspiration from autumn fruits and flowers, soft linens and mismatched china, as the evening light fades you can imagine switching on the overhead festoon lights and soaking up the romantic light.

 Credits Holly Marder
Personally, I think Autumn is a great time of year for exploring woodland walks and forests  with little ones, still warm enough to enjoy being outside,  but with the added magic of the  changing season, perfect for getting some friends and families together and having an outdoor celebration. 

Credits Holly Marder

Having a girly night in? perhaps a baby shower? why not add a bit of sparkle to your evening ,sharing cupcakes a bit of fizz and girly chatter. 

Credits Leslie Shewring

You can also find some lovely simple DIY projects to try for your room and table settings, such as these tins transformed into tea light holders, or the diamond mobiles made from drinking straws, very effective and striking when clustered together.  I also tried my hand at  making the  mobile, which I  have used as a mobile  over the baby changing unit! 

Credits Leslie Shewring

Credits Holly Becker

Image Samantha Stansbridge

Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring is published by Jacqui Small (£20).  available to buy here,  there is also a lovely video to enjoy which helps bring the book to life beautifully.  Enjoy!

This post is a review post, the book is provided for free in return for my opinion, which is mine. 

Instagram inspiration.

The temperature has been up in the 30's this week, so I'm staying out of the heat and finding some cool interiors inspiration on Instagram instead. 

P.S we have a new baby in residence, my daughter gave birth by emergency c section on Friday the 19th, it has been quite a traumatic week all round, but they are both home now and on the mend! xx

A Bit of Cushion Plumping...

If you follow my Instagram feed you might know that I recently shared a giveaway by illustrator Abi Overland to win one of her grey piped Neverland Cushion Covers from her new collection and guess what?! I entered and won !  I'm a bit of a fan of Abi's work, I already own one of her prints, and she was also guest a while ago here on the blog, I highly recommend you take a look at her work, I think she has some new project in the pipeline, so definitely one to watch. 
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